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Membre de la Fédération de mathématiques des Pays de Loire
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9h-9h30 Welcome, coffee
9h30-10h20 Arnaud Debussche On the 3D stochastic Navier-Stokes equations
10h25-11h15 Nicole El Karoui Some examples of transformations of forward utilities PDE’s, with financial
11h20-12h10 Dan Crisan Conditional distributions, exchangeable particle systems and stochastic partial differential equations
12h15-14h Lunch
14h-14h50 Harald Oberhauser Pathwise aspects of some stochastic partial differential equations
14h55-15h45 Laurent Denis Existence and uniqueness of Parabolic SPDE’s with obstacle
15h50-16h10 Coffee break
16h15-17h05 Bruno Saussereau Scalar conservation laws with fractional stochastic forcing : existence, uniqueness and invariant measure
17h10-18h Sergey Nadtochty Solutions to the forward performance SPDE and the ill-posed HJB equation


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Slides will be online as soon as possible.

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