Laboratoire Manceau
de Mathématiques
Equipe d'Accueil N° 3263
Membre de la Fédération de mathématiques des Pays de Loire
Faculté des Sciences et Techniques - Le Mans Université
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Le Mans is the historic capital of the first Plantagenet. Imagine a hill covered with 18 acres of old half-timbered houses, Renaissance mansions, and cobblestone streets lined with spur stones. Imagine its Roman Wall built around 280, encircling the old city, and discover the Saint-Julian cathedral, placed on the top of the hill, built between the 11th and 15th centuries. Old Le Mans, the "Cité Plantagenêt" is actually one of the most beautiful testimonies of 2000 years of French History.

How to come ?

Le Mans is accessible directly by train from most of the french towns.17 TGVs a day (in both directions) link Le Mans to Paris in 55 minutes. Moreover there are direct railway links between Le Mans and Charles-de-Gaulle airport and between Le Mans and Massy-TGV (15 minutes away from Orly airport). For more informations, see TGV site (in english) or SNCF site (in french).

From the train station to the university take the tramway (see map).

When you arrive to the university :

Informations on the town :

Informations on the university : web site

Informations on the public transport :in french only (Map of the public transport net).

Laboratoire Manceau de Mathématiques
Le Mans Université - Faculté des Sciences et Techniques
Avenue Olivier Messiaen - 72085 Le Mans Cedex 9 (France)
Tel : +(33) 2 43 83 32 19
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