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10 janvier 2023


Francis Kramarz (CREST) - séminaire commun LMM-GAINS 

Skills "bundling" and the uberization of our economies (joint with Philippe Choné).

We try to understand many-one-matching through the prism of the supply of and demand for workers' skills. Skills are multidimensional and can only be sold as a "bundle". In the corresponding labor market equilibrium, workers with similar comparative advantage in the k potential skills match to firms with compatible technological preferences in these skills. In today’s world, some of the previously bundled skills are faced with the opening of a market for that exact skill, something we label as “unbundling”. This can be due to technological shocks transforming a market (such as the advent of Uber), legislative changes or the opening to international trade. We characterize how the equilibrium changes, which firms and which types of workers benefit from unbundling and, by contrast, which firms and workers are negatively affected. Ultimately, we want to confront this theory with Swedish data on cognitive and non-cognitive skills.


Matching Workers' Skills and Firms' Technologies: From Bundling to Unbundling

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